Architect Edward Armitage travelled from London to Ludhiana, India in 1952, with his newly married wife Marthe and their baby James. They lived there for two years while he designed and constructed a hospital. Liberal planning laws meant Edward was allowed freedom as an Architect. During their time there he had a number of pieces of furniture made in the local bazaar. One of these was a Lamp.

Once they had returned to London, Marthe started to make wallpaper. It was a creative process, which she could do at home whilst looking after their young family: now with three children. Today the wallpaper is highly sought after worldwide. The designs, which are still hand printed by Marthe and daughter Jo can be bought from




Walnut and Brass Standing Lamp made by Joe Armitage

using a mixture of hand craft and digital techniques.


 Interchangeable shades hand printed by Marthe Armitage.


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